Japanese Brazilian & Designer & ArtDirector.  


Concepts, Design System, Visual Interface, UI, UX

Imagination at Work

For more than 125 years, GE has invented the future of industry, and today it leads new paradigms in additive manufacturing, materials science, and data analytics. To support the re-positioning of the GE brand from an industrial company into a digital leader.


Art Director, Designer , Execution, , Strategy, Campaign System, Social Media.

Healthy Obssession 

Coway is proud to bring our award-winning products and home health expertise to US with Coway Airmega air purifiers, Coway Bidetmega for bathrooms and Coway Aquamega water purifiers. For the strategy 2019, Our team at AgendaNYC shapes the message for “Healthy Obssession”. Also we started to restructure and organize the visual design since from foundations of the brand, with design thinking in global scale, we develop a system of essential elements for composition all campaigns, social media, print and website, define a unity rules that guide all design team cross the World.